Andre Gourmet Diamond Pies

Our Diamond Pies are authentic original recipes inspired from some of the best grandmas, mothers, and cooks for all over. 

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  • Andre Gourmet Diamond Sweet Potato Pie is the diamond of all sweet potato pies! With it's organic ingredients, lower cholesterol and sugar content, but higher fiber than any other pie on the market, and the flavor/balance in this pie is world class, nonetheless! NO preservatives or xanthan gum. Refrigerate after purchase! Disclaimer: Pies may get a little...

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  • This original recipe maple pecan pie is authentically made with organic maple syrup, and no corn syrup or refined sugars. It hit the spot in terms of satisfaction, without it being overly sugary or cholesterol laden. It do not contain any preservatives, or anything artificial.¬†¬†Refrigerate after purchase! Disclaimer: Pies may get a little beat up from the...

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