In the beginning I never made sauce to sell. I wanted to eat healthier and clean without sacrificing a satisfying taste. At the time, I only shopped at Whole Foods Market, because they had a large selection on organic goods. I love cooking and eating, so my pantry and kitchen was well equipment with a range of fresh vegetables, spices, and food processors. At the time, I began experimenting with  eating vegan, and I couldn't eat with some type of sauce weather hot or mild. So one day running out of hot sauce, I ventured to the pantry, grab some chill de arbol and all my organic ingredients and begin making my first hot sauce. Believe or not, my very first hot sauce batch with amazing! I made about 32oz of it (I remember the size of the bottle because I put it in an old Bragg's Raw Apple Cider Vinegar bottle), and everyone in my home couldn't stop eating it because it was so good. Unfortunately when the sauce ran out, I couldn't duplicate the recipe because I didn't write it down, smh. After my next few batches was ok, but I was determine to catch that first high again, so I keep trying and tweaking the recipe until I got it! I come from a family of cooking and culture food fusion. My step-father (the man I called DADDY, who raised me) love cooking and had a southern soul food style of cook and grilling. My mom who's Jamaican can cook every Caribbean style cuisine under the sun. My dinner nights growing up, may consist of collard greens with smoke turkey legs and curry chicken. With fusion being at my core, living in Los Angeles for 10 years even expand my taste buds more with all the culture food fusion they have there.

One day showing off my sauce to friends and clients at the barber shop I worked, it became clear that I had something special. Customers pulled me to the side and asked for their own bottle and was willing to pay for it. That fact that it was satisfyingly good, and good for you, made it even more appealing.

It was the nurturing and encouragement from family, friends, and clients that allow the light bulb to go off. Soon after, I started to look into the feasibility of making it a business. See, none of our sauces are built from a foundation of margin. They're all built on the foundation of using the best nutritional dense ingredients money can buy, with dynamic flavor, no compromising for margin. 

I now realize that I wasn't the only person who want real clean eating food that taste amazing. So now our brand Andre Gourmet Sauce Co is a Leader and Ambassador for clean eating condiments.

Thank you for support our little company that started in the barber shop to winning the Emerging Black Business of the Year Award 2017!

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